Who We Are at ICE Health Systems

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Advanced Software Innovation

ICE Health Systems is an innovative technology company. We develop an advanced cloud-based comprehensive health record system to meet the evolving needs of healthcare.

ICE Health Systems is an integrated cloud-based platform for managing all areas of patient care. Built-in features include Telehealth, patient charting, treatment planning, progress reporting, extensive database for real-time clinical research reporting, secure referrals and collaboration, inventory management, patient financial double entry accounting system, a validation feature for clinical learning and many more functions.

Our Mission

To serve the global healthcare community for the advancement of patient care and the support of professional excellence.

Our Company Values

Our company values align with our mission and address today’s demanding requirements for healthcare, technology and expertise.

We are committed to the improvement of patient healthcare.

We move quickly to meet the rapidly changing demands of technology.

We are dedicated to the delivery of education and continued learning in healthcare.

We value long-term relationships with our community.

We work as a team in collaboration for the constant enhancement and refinement of our technology.

Our History

Our vision for a cloud-based healthcare platform began in 2005 with Next Gen Dentistry. This software provided patient education using animations and imaging. Treatment planning and referrals features were built-in. This was the first cloud-based patient education and professional collaboration system designed for dental healthcare.

Dentists and professionals located in different areas of the country envisioned a new and entirely different way of delivering dental software. After many meetings in all areas of the country, the group was able to secure the vision for ICE Health Systems. They designed, built, tested, and continued to refine the vision. Their concept was to build an all encompassing system, entirely accessed on the internet by many dental clinics. Their vision was to develop a patient health record system that was extensive, easy to use, cost less money, and take less time to manage and support.

The quality of ICE Health Systems technology lead to the agreement with Internet2, the largest technology consulting agency for universities in the United States and the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, one of the leading dentistry schools in the United States. After an extensive review of the opportunity, ICE Health Systems entered in to this exciting and exclusive collaboration relationship.

Today we have now extended ICE Health Systems capability to meet the needs of all medical professions. We have rapid access to facilities all over the world to support growth required by the global community. ICE Health Systems is working with organizations throughout the world to support patient-centered healthcare. We serve all communities to enable professionals provide healthcare from anywhere to anywhere.