ICE Health Systems Features

Patient Record

Patient Management

Dental Healthcare

Reporting & Financials


Research & Learning


Global Communication

ICE Health Systems delivers secure mobile collaboration for all healthcare professionals

Real-Time Data Access

Patient records are always current

Cloud Technology

True cloud-based healthcare

Accessible Communication

Use your mobile phone, tablet or laptop

Secure Collaboration

Unlimited secure connection

Patient Records

The individual patient record is the platform building block for ICE Health Systems

Patient Records

Patient Management

Seamless patient management is the foundation of ICE Health Systems

Your unique practice settings are managed by you, with no configuration by IT

Your personal dashboard provides you with all the data you need at exactly the right time

You can assign access to patient records depending on workflow

You can manage your practice in limitless locations

Your clinic key performance indicators are monitored in real-time using reporting

You have direct access to structured content for efficient patient record documentation

Clinicians in your practice can schedule appointments, allocate resources, and specify medical inventory for each appointment

Collaborative messaging, administrative notes, warnings and alerts directs your priorities

Referrals management allows your team to fully collaborate in patient treatment

Dental Healthcare

ICE Health Systems elevates dental healthcare with the extensive dental treatment feature

Dental Treatment

  • Record diagnostic and material findings on the Dental Treatment

  • Deliver complex treatment by entering findings, diagnoses, and procedures into Treatment Planning

  • Document using Structured Content in Progress Notes, Assessment Forms, Letters, etc.

  • Monitor the status of Referrals in collaboration with receiving clinics

  • Apply Telehealth, Scheduling, Patient Education, Clinical Learning Validation, Analytical Reporting, Financial Management, Research Data Storage, Imaging, and Inventory Management

  • Integrate intraoral device recordings into the patient record

In Addition... Periodontal Charting

Record periodontal measurements in the Perio Data Entry window

Select the display options for visual indication on the Periodontal Charting

Display findings graphically on the periodontal charting

Manage periodontal chart settings

In Addition... Orthodontics

Create an orthodontic treatment plan and financial payment plan

Find patient data in the Orthodontic Procedure List panel, Progress Notes panel

Watch this system overview video to see multiple features in action.

The comparisson chart and the F.A.Q.

Reporting & Financials

Gain precise analytical reporting and financial accounting with ICE Health Systems

Analytical Reporting

All data reporting is done in real-time

Select the data you want to analyze

Configure your own report formats

Run alerts and warnings to provide benchmarks

Track key performance indicators in real-time

Patient Financials

The patient detailed ledger records every transaction

Patient financials are tracked in real-time

Audit the double entry accounting financials

Payment plans are tailored for the patient

Insurance claims are integrated with financials


Lever your expertise by applying 3D images and medical recordings in ICE Health Systems

With ICE Health Systems, your images can be uploaded directly into a patient’s record image template. Image types supported include JPEG, TIFF, PNG and DICOM. The image browse view can compare images across timepoints and labels. Image editing tools can crop, rotate, measure, and annotate images.

The Patient Visualization panel allows easy access to patient images, where 3D images can be rotated and segmented with volume rendering for interactive visualization. Images can be captured during a Telehealth session from a medical device and saved directly to the patient chart for accessibility and search capability.

Research & Learning

ICE Health Systems is a repository for healthcare research and clinical learning

Clinical Learning

The Validation feature supports clinical learning

Documents requiring validation are tracked and highlighted

Multiple records can be validated at one time without hardware swiping

Patient Education

Access a vast library of audio-visual and HD animations for patient education

Please visit our YouTube video library

Clinical Research

Import data using individual JSON files

Capture discrete data fields using customized document templates

Customize reporting on historical data


Interoperability is effortless with ICE Health Systems

Patient data is imported and exported anytime, not just at launch