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The Electronic Health Record (R)Evolution

Denver, Colorado – 04/07/2014

This morning, ICE Health Systems (ICE), along with its collaborators, University of Michigan, University of Pittsburgh and the University of North Carolina, presented “The Electronic Health Record (R)Evolution” at this year’s Internet2 Global Summit in Denver, Colorado.

The presentation focused on how vendors, university groups and third party affiliates can use technology to revolutionize the way that healthcare is delivered. The current project hoping to start this revolution is the Internet2 NET+ ICE-EHR offering.

Today’s presentation provided attendees with insight on current issues within the university climate the offering is hoping to solve, a brief demonstration of the ICE Health Systems software (the vendor for the offering), and the challenges (and solutions) the university collaborators, vendor and Internet2 have faced over the course of the process.

A key challenge identified during the presentation was changing the culture and mindset of the community in regards to the way healthcare systems are developed and delivered. As David Rankin from the University of North Carolina stated, having considerable input on developing the system played a significant role in changing the culture of the university community, a community who had created their very own dental software to meet their needs. “One of the strategies to changing the mindset is we had to make sure we have a lot of input on developing the system and if the vendor is really listening to us. People need to perceive that the vendor is hearing what they’ve said and actually seeing the features and functions that they’ve explained to the vendor in the system. We have weekly meetings where we go over the vendors software and features and we approve it.”

Not only did the presentation work to provide feedback and process insight for attendees, it was also an opportunity to expose the first of its kind collaboration between a vendor and group of universities. Internet2’s Khalil Yazdi pointed out that the offering is “not just software development, this is a community building activity around understanding problem and solution in a deep and important way.” Yazdi went on to state that the offering is really about understanding how to bring cloud based technology to electronic health records.

Speakers at the presentation included Lynn Johnson (University of Michigan), Dr. Heiko Spallek (University of Pittsburgh), Dr. Mark Genuis (ICE Health Systems), David Rankin (University of North Carolina) and Khalil Yazdi (Internet2).

In addition to the full room of attendees at the Global Summit presentation, the presentation was streamed in real time to viewer’s across the world who were unable to physically attend the meeting.

Videos from today’s presentation are linked below:

David Rankin – ‘Changing the Culture

Dr. Heiko Spallek and Muhammad F. Walji, PhD – ‘Data Sharing Across Institutions to Improve Patient Outcomes

Dr. Heiko Spallek and Jean O’Donnell, DMD, MSN – ‘Protected Health Information (PHI) in an Educational Setting

Dean Jane Weintraub (UNC School of Dentistry) explaining how patients will benefit from multiple schools securely sharing and accessing patient information

Dr. Heiko Spallek and Jean O’Donnell, DMD, MSN – ‘Self-Reflection by Students as Potential Liability

Slides used during today’s presentation as well as more information about the presentation can be found on Internet2’s Global Summit page –

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