ICE Health Systems Technology

Protected Health Information Security

Cost Savings in the Cloud

System Architecture

Proven Quality Assurance

Protected Health Information Security

Security is paramount at ICE Health Systems so you always have peace of mind with PHI


Cost Savings in the Cloud

Elevate your healthcare to the cloud with ICE Health Systems and generate cost savings

Software updates are seamless

Software releases are updated seamlessly with no costly downtime

No costly hardware upgrades

There is no system hardware in your office to upgrade, fix or replace

Operating costs are minimized

Users can configure their own personal workspace and access an extensive user information library

Cost Savings

Reduced equipment costs

No need for expensive IT related infrastructure

No hidden technology fees

The entire system plus upgrades are included in the license fee

No need for costly software add-ons

A comprehensive health record solution for your healthcare requirements

Extensive quality assurance testing

Eliminate the expense for troubleshooting software bugs

System Architecture

ICE Health Systems is designed with architecture that is unparalleled

Flexible architecture


Secure and safe storage

Ease of technology deployment

High system availability

Immense amounts of data processed at high speed with unlimited user add-on

Unlimited storage for growth

Data is backed up and protected offsite from natural disaster or power failure

Just turn on your device and log-in

Downtime is minimized

Proven Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Team requires exceptional performance from ICE Health Systems

Automated regression and load testing are state of the art

Cross platform testing execution supports client environments

The QA Team are relentless troubleshooters, striving for perfection

Every new release is tested through strenuous planning and execution

Servers with millions of de-identified records are used for load and performance testing